Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Childhood: Analog Verses Digital

Popeye's Favorite Sea Songs: Peter Pan Records 1959, Non-Breakable (with Normal Use)

I cannot imagine a American child hearing the "children's music" that was my early listening experience so many years ago, and feeling pure pleasure.
My record player was magical too; a square ( possibly home made), wood box with a little red light- that played only 45's.
I wish still owned that!
Yet, all was not well. The radio and TV crackled with disturbing phrases and images of the war that followed me through each grade until high school graduation.

Now our sons and daughters sing along with their i pods to music as contrived, and vacuous as my childhood classics. They have new wars to enhance their education.
The Jonas Brothers, and Hannah Montana lip- sync in the false safely of the Mall.
Popeye founders in oily seas, singing his scratchy shanties.

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