Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sonic Scrapheap

It occurs to me that the so called "vinyl revival" is really the protracted denouement of the sound medium known as the record album.
I stroll into a local record store, (incredibly three survive in my city) ; a jittery DJ - headphone hanging off one ear - is mixing scratchy snatches over distorted bass, creating his own evanescent sonic compost.
At the used bins I'm elbow to elbow with awkward boys and spooky girls delighting in kitschy covers. Some kid regards a battered Dylan dust jacket as if it were a prehistoric artifact.
Shabby dealers sift through large stacks, before abandoning all but a few.
Maybe I'm not gonna make a shitload of money on Ebay
After all these years, I still peruse - with diminished enthusiasm.

Just another vulture picking through the remains...

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