Sunday, June 26, 2011

Herb Alpert & Saturday Night With PY

On a recent jaunt up  California's central coast I browsed a few thrift stores.
Amazing how the selection of scruffy L.P.s is virtually interchangeable with what I thumbed through in the late 1970's: easy listening, "inspirational songs", soundtracks (the obligatory 
"South Pacific") garden variety pop. Same stuff for decades now --minus the crazy surprises, I scored in the past: "Faperdockly" (worth some bucks), or a silly version of "Obla De Obla Da" by some Japanese guy (not worth anything, but fun to listen to). The dealers have picked everything clean. Does anybody still look and listen simply for delight?

In the past I would have grabbed "Caboom" just for the cover, but a snapshot with my iPod is now sufficient. I'll leave it to be discovered by some kids; I imagine a gawky guy and his cool girlfriend snagging it and hanging it on their apartment wall. Just as likely some hoarder will add it to his pile of detritus. 

Garden Variety Thrift Store Records
Not So Garden Variety; Looking Good Ms Lopez!

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