Thursday, August 14, 2014

Podcast Debut

Collage © 2014 Steve Escandon

Holy cow, it's been ages since this blog has been updated!

The truth is, Record Odyssey has been chronically neglected since its inception.

Record Odyssey was launched simultaneously with my primary blog, Piedmont Avenue. Too much too soon.  Rather than a lively compendium of photos and facts regarding my music collection, it has languished as a haphazard scrapyard of posts; nevertheless, it has generated a steady -- if modest -- stream of traffic.

Recently I was invited by Pooh-Bah Records to create a podcast, which goes by the name of Sunday Barbeque, based on my personal music collection. I've teamed up with my long time friend, Steve Escandon, who adds his equally stellar, diverse and eccentric amalgam of sounds to the mix.

So please check out our debut and tell us what you think.

Here's the link to Mixcloud.

If the response is favorable; Record Odyssey will be revivified, retooled and renamed. Thanks for stopping by.

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